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The business worlds we live in today are constantly merging, emerging, and disrupting each other at an astounding rate. Modern business has turned towards aggressive acquisition strategies, creative marketing channels, and an array of psychographic driven marketing plans that are designed to cater to an increasingly more fluid market. Today innovation can create market opportunities overnight as well as render your business irrelevant in the twinkle of a piglets tail. To mitigate this risk you may turn towards tried and true marketing practices that have worked time after time again yet noticed that each campaign grows less and less effective. Boring creative is safe, but it is also slowly sending your business to the farm. How can you keep your company on the cutting edge of emerging markets while simultaneously maintaining a sturdy grip on your more conservative audience?

The answer is in a fresh new approach to a creative agency. A low ego, conscious driven team full of good intentions and clear vision for your company’s future. Simply put, we bring home the bacon.

Space Bacon is a results driven agile direct marketing agency with both digital and traditional advertising expertise. We specialize in marketing, public relations, product R&D, software design, and integrated marketing experiences. We use your company’s existing resources to create new opportunities with cost effective 20% budget, 80% result oriented solutions. We find the solutions others may omit. If there is truly no stone unturned, we plow new fields to create timely ROI opportunities in new lands. Additionally we identify forces working against your company both overt or covert and confront them head on with positive intention based marketing and intellectual property protection.

How do we do this? The process is equally unconventional as our name Space Bacon. We deploy an array of creative, psycholoy, clairvoyance, artistry, software and data driven solutions to explore your business goals resulting in both elegant and conscious solutions which sway optimal realities closer to well.. reality. Simply put, we use information to design and write new and existing products or services into an optimal reality to fill both current and undiscovered markets that are conservatively within your reach. 

But wait, this all sounds great but how exactly do we decompress a “pure stream of consciousness” into real and tangible assets for your company?

Beyond the cerebral and broad intention based strategy we deploy an integrated marketing solution that leverages world class graphic assets, videography, technology, media, and wordsmanship. We entangle this effort with a tried and true sales methodology initially developed by marketing guru David Frey and later adapted by Space Bacon for modern markets and new marketing channels. Our sales process is designed to convert leads on the spot with long form letters, infographics, email campaigns, and video content designed to produce shorter sales cycles than traditional snail sales methodologies. Our unique 12 step process grabs attention, immediately identifies your customers core problem, provides the solution, cites credentials, establishes benefits, provides social proof, and closes the deal with an array of strategies tailor made for your company.


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